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Fiberglass pool kits have garnered significant popularity among DIY enthusiasts, yet it's not uncommon for individuals to opt for purchasing a fiberglass pool kit and then hire a contractor for installation. While the contents of pool kits can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and retailer, here are the fundamental components typically found in fiberglass pool kits based on our insights and experience.


Fiberglass Pool Kits: A Comprehensive Overview

Components of a Fiberglass Pool Kit

At the core of every fiberglass pool kit lies the essential element—the fiberglass pool shell. Additionally, a fiberglass pool kit may encompass:

  • Pump and filter system

  • Various hardware (lights, faceplates, fittings, etc.)

  • Dig sheet

  • Comprehensive instructions

  • Plumbing equipment

  • Sanitizing systems (automatic chlorinator or salt water chlorinator)

  • Essential chemicals

  • Pool cover

  • Shipping costs

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It's worth noting that while some fiberglass pool kits are basic, others may include all of the aforementioned components and more. Many kits do not incorporate shipping costs, which can substantially increase the overall expenditure. Moreover, most kits do not furnish sanitizing systems or pool covers.


It's essential to recognize that your fiberglass pool kit likely won't include backfill material, concrete, a heater or chiller, basic tools, water features, or materials for coping and patio.

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Determining the Cost of a Fiberglass Pool Kit


The cost of a fiberglass pool kit is inherently unique, contingent upon the selected pool size and any additional features incorporated. Generally, the total cost—comprising the pool shell, pump and filter system, and shipping—can range from $15,000 to $35,000 and beyond.

The inclusion of more items and accessories in your pool kit correlates with a higher price tag. Similar to vinyl liner pool kits, essential materials not included in the fiberglass pool kit must be procured separately.

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